Train smarter, faster, and more often

We help organizations create realistic training environments and instantly launch labs that enable cybersecurity professionals to develop and retain real-world skills through deliberate practice.

Cybersecurity professionals are faced with a rapidly evolving and complex landscape, requiring expertise across knowledge domains and a strong capability for applied problem-solving. To keep up with increasing threats, cutting edge strategies, and the latest tools, Cyber Security professionals - from SOC Analysts to Pen Testers - need to incorporate frequent training and learning experiences.

Instant Launch & Lab Management

Instantly launch new labs from our featured templates or custom designs, on-demand, from your lab dashboard. Once deployed you can manage access and control lab settings directly from our intuitive lab management interface.

Custom Designs and Complete Control

Build your lab from scratch, or work with a dedicated lab solutions architect, to design network architectures, configurations, and training concepts that help your team meet their learning goals. Once designed, you have complete control of your lab, enabling you to make the most of your training environments.

Easy Lab State Management

With Snap Labs you can quickly create lab or individual system snapshots that help your team revert to known states or replay attack scenarios with the click of a button.

User Management

Easily invite your team members and customers to train in labs designed specifically to their requirements. Invite permanent team members to track long term training goals or guest users for one time events. With multiple roles available, you can provide users with the right level of visibility into the lab infrastructure.


How Accenture Keeps Cybersecurity Teams Trained On The Latest Threats

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The most effective training mediums involve tangible, authentic, and realistic training environments.

With advanced user simulations and attack scenarios, custom network designs, the ability to install and configure your security tools, and browser-based access, you can deliver effective and meaningful training experiences with ease.

Training in a cyber lab is helpful for more than just cybersecurity professionals, too. Our lab management platform can help you train partners, sales engineers, and support staff on your tools and products. Snap Labs makes it easy to spin up customized cyber labs for training sessions, revert them to previous states, and provide user access via browser-based console sessions or VPN connections.

Don’t let on-premise network environment setup hold you and your team back from scaling up your training opportunities and frequency. With Snap Labs your team has access to instantly available cyber labs that help them learn and grow.