Real solutions require realistic test environments.

Snap Labs helps cybersecurity tool developers build and test their products in labs that represent their target customer environments.

Researchers and product developers are always looking for approaches to creating realistic environments to test their tools or generate appropriate test data. Snap Labs gives your team the edge they need to craft innovative cybersecurity solutions and strategies quickly with our cyber lab platform.

Instant Launch & Easy Management

Snap Labs gives organizations a unified platform to instantly spin up new cyber labs, manage user access, revert to lab snapshots, and create deployable lab templates. Build from scratch, start with a pre-configured template, or work with a lab solutions architect to customize your lab designs. After initial configuration, your customized labs can launch in minutes.

Real Networks + Advanced Simulations

Innovative security solutions and products require real test environments. Our cloud based networks can be customized to meet your team’s needs and emulate virtually any target environment. Whether you’re building for a specific industry, a set of user behaviors, or a particular technology stack, the Snap Labs platform helps you create realistic simulations for effective research and development.

Cloud-based Cyber Labs

Give your teams access to powerful testing environments without the need to set up on-premise networks. Our cloud-based cyber labs are easily accessible from anywhere via the browser or a VPN connection, making them an ideal solution for remote or distributed teams.

Enterprise Software Deployments

Deploying and configuring enterprise software for multiple test environments can be a tedious and time consuming process. Snap Labs allows you deploy enterprise software solutions with a bring your own license (BYOL) model to save time on repetitive set up tasks, allowing your teams to iterate faster in more realistic environments.


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Effective R&D relies on Specific Lab Environments

Our instant cyber lab platform, customized for your team’s needs, removes roadblocks and time-consuming network setup activities that prevent teams from executing on your organization’s vision.

The realistic and customizable nature of labs built on the Snap Labs platform means you can conduct high fidelity basic or applied research.