Hire the best with practical, real world offensive and defensive cybersecurity scenarios.

Snap Labs helps your team identify top talent with hands on assessments tailored specifically to your organization, team, or target skillset.

Hiring the right people can be challenging. We can help you identify stand-out candidates later in the hiring process with cyber labs catered to your needs. With the Snap Labs platform, creating realistic penetration testing, red teaming, incident response, or forensics scenarios quick and easy.

Private Assessment Labs

For a hiring assessment to be effective, the “answers” shouldn’t be publicly available! With Snap Labs, every customized lab you create and deploy is private by default. Share access to labs and templates only with those that need it. This also helps ensure your candidate’s assessment experience goes uninterrupted by other lab users.

Guest Users

Guest user licensing allows our Enterprise customers to quickly invite external members to privately hosted  cyber labs with limited platform functionality. Easily manage which parts of the lab infrastructure your candidates can access.

Integrated Event Management

Adding an objectively scored component to a practical can be an effective way to compare performance across candidates. The Snap Labs platform allows you to easily configure and manage capture the flag style events with scoring, time limits, and automatic lab deployments.

Cloud-Based Cyber Labs

Professionals shouldn’t miss out on opportunities for lack of appropriate hardware or difficulty accessing on-premise testing environments. With our cloud-based lab platform, any candidate with an internet connection and modern web browser can effectively access and participate in even the most complex assessment scenarios.


How Snap Lab's Hyper-Realistic Cyber Labs Help Accenture FusionX Recruit Elite Talent

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Hire professionals with the skills your team values most

Our cyber lab platform lets you build assessment environments that accurately measure candidate aptitude in the specific area’s you care about most.

Candidates are provided with an intuitive and easy to access lab environment without the need for on-site visits or special hardware requirements.