December 2, 2020

Snap Labs x macOS

On Monday evening, AWS announced the availability of macOS EC2 instances!  At Snap Labs, we were super excited to hear this. Several customers over the years have requested macOS systems in their lab environments, but until now we were unable to offer them as part of our platform.

Today, less than 48 hours after AWS announced macOS availability, we’re proud to have a managed macOS Catalina 10.15.7 instance available in our labs!




Why is this so cool?

To date, provisioning environments at scale for security training or development has required managing physical devices in an on-premises network. From start to finish, setting up a small macOS lab environment could take weeks.  Now, we can take advantage of AWS’s scale and capacity to spin up these same environments in minutes.

Given the rise in popularity of Mac use among cybersecurity professionals and developers, we’re excited to be able to offer a simple solution for deploying macOS in a test environment.

For more details about macOS support on AWS, check out their release post here:

Cyber Lab Solutions

 Interested in macOS Labs?  Our cloud-based instant labs can be configured and designed to support a wide variety of use cases and scenarios. Available customizations include:  

  • Network Architecture
  • Overall Lab Size (up to 100+ systems)
  • Number of Escalation Paths
  • Windows Active Directory Configuration
  • Specific Vulnerabilities and Security Misconfigurations
  • Additional Software installations
  • Industry specific simulated users and data
  • and now... MacOS Devices!

Contact us to learn more about our enteprise offerings and we'll give you a lab to try on your own.

Thank you!




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