November 15, 2021

Immersive Labs Acquires Snap Labs

Snap Labs is now part of Immersive Labs!

We’re incredibly excited to announce today that Snap Labs is joining Immersive Labs to power hyper-realistic, team based simulations and evidencing within the platform. Our combined technologies will allow organisations to continually assess and improve their cyber readiness in environments that closely resemble their own networks and vendor toolsets.

Our focus at Snap Labs has always been to provide easier access to the most realistic training environments. With Immersive Labs, we can accelerate this mission by serving team based exercises across a quickly growing base of Enterprise customers. We can also bolster our own existing environments with an impressive catalog of both offensive and defensive content. We know this will be a huge win for both our customers and the community!

“When I first spoke with the Immersive team, it was clear right away that Immersive Labs would be a great fit for the platform we’ve built at Snap Labs. Our products compliment each other, and our visions align on how to best prepare cybersecurity teams. I’m really excited to see where we can take our combined platforms and what we’ll build together.” - Chris Myers, Co-Founder.

This opportunity wouldn’t be possible without our incredible customers, and especially the early adopters who trusted in our product when it was only a network diagram and a VPN connection. Your enthusiasm and feedback have made the Snap Labs platform what it is today and we are excited to continue working with you to build awesome things within Immersive Labs. Thank you!

“I could not dream of a better cultural or product fit than what we've found in Immersive Labs! Our visions for cybersecurity training are completely aligned, and the people and resources which Immersive Labs brings will allow the Snap Labs product to have a far wider impact than we could have alone.” - Barrett Adams, Co-Founder

We also owe a huge thank you to our third partner, Gus Melendez. Gus joined the team at a time when we were a little unsure of our direction. He brought passion and focus back into the mix, helped us completely revitalize our brand, and offered key strategic insights. While Gus won’t be joining us moving forward with Immersive Labs, his contributions to the platform will continue to have a huge impact. 

Immersive Labs has an amazing vision for preparing the entire workforce of an organization to respond to a cyber incident. Regular practice is key. Fully immersive, realistic experiences are a must. Proper visibility into your cyber workforce strengths and areas for improvement helps provide incredibly valuable focus and direction for cybersecurity leaders. Snap Labs is fully bought into this mission, and we’re thrilled to bring a whole lot more to an already amazing platform!


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