January 22, 2020

A new look for a growing platform and team!

Today, Ubeeri Labs is launching our new website, brand, and name! We're excited to announce that Ubeeri Labs is now Snap Labs!


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We started Ubeeri Labs 3 years ago because we knew there was a need for realistic network environments for cybersecurity training and research. We knew first hand how time-consuming it was to set up an on-premise or cloud-based network where we could practice new strategies or try out new tools. With Ubeeri we set out to make it easy for individuals and teams to launch realistic networks that include advanced user simulations, common vulnerabilities, and industry themed data. We wanted to make it easy to manage lab environments, be accessible from anywhere, and provide cybersecurity teams a robust and dependable solution that would minimize environment setup time.

Over the past 3 years, we've proven that our cyber labs platform brings significant value and efficiency to teams of all sizes. We're proud to have worked with Fortune 500 companies and well-known cybersecurity product teams, providing them with preconfigured and custom cyber lab solutions.

Over the past couple of months, we've been working hard to take our platform to the next level, and in the coming weeks, we'll be releasing a significant update to our platform - Instant Cyber Labs! Starting in February, you'll be able to spin up fully-featured cyber labs in under 5 minutes!  This update will be available to all of our customers, from individual to enterprise accounts.

As we continue to grow, we wanted our brand to reflect the core mission of our platform better. Our new name, logo, and website are a reflection of what we've set out to do from the start: help cybersecurity teams quickly spin up hyper-realistic, cloud-based cyber labs that save time and resources. 

We've got a lot of great features in the works for 2020, including product sales demo and training lab solutions. Our team and platform are growing, but our core values remain the same, and we hope you'll join us for this next chapter.

Best wishes, 

Chris Myers & Snap Labs Team


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