How do you identify and hire technically capable individuals into senior roles with confidence?  

Identifying cybersecurity talent can be challenging, and many teams turn to a candidate's certifications as a proxy for skill set validation. Very few certifications offer "hands-on" skills assessments, leaving employers with inadequate measures of a candidate's real-world capabilities. Cyber labs have become a useful tool for conducting hiring assessments, but the challenge remains on how to assess an individual’s skills and not just their knowledge of cybersecurity concepts.

FusionX turned to Snap Labs for a custom hiring assessment that could help them identify top talent.

Tailored Cyber Labs For An Elite Team

The highly specialized and advanced nature of the work performed by the FusionX team requires candidates to possess significant real-world subject matter expertise and skills. Our team met with FusionX to discuss the roles, skill sets, and experience that needed to be assessed in the labs. We used our red team experience and the flexibility of the Snap Labs platform to design a custom lab that would allow candidates to showcase the skills that were the most important for the roles they would be filling. Our design included vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that the candidates would likely encounter in a corporate network, as well as hyper-realistic user simulations and data. The confidential and custom lab design, unique to FusionX, also guaranteed that candidates would be unable to prepare ahead of time, ensuring the real-world quality of the assessment.

“Snap Labs hiring assessment labs have vulnerabilities that matter – they’re the types of things we run into every day on client networks.”  

-- Craig Freyman, Global Lead - FusionX Advanced Threat Services

Focus On Talent, Not Infrastructure

By switching to Snap Labs for their hiring assessments, FusionX was able to improve its ability to identify top talent. The hiring assessment process was streamlined with our simple user management interface, allowing FusionX to offer assessments on demand. Snap Labs allowed them to focus on assessing the candidate's skill set instead of figuring out how to set up a cyber lab for hiring assessments.

For roles that have specialized skill sets, such as digital investigations, incident response, or penetration testing, the candidates must be able to demonstrate that they possess the technical knowledge and skills needed to be effective in their work. Realistic hiring assessments offer teams the ability to properly evaluate a candidate's real-world capabilities and ultimately hire the right people for their teams.

Hire smart, hire right. Assess candidates in realistic network environments.

Our cloud-based instant labs can be configured and designed to support a wide variety of use cases and scenarios.
CTF style events
Network Architecture
Overall Lab Size (up to 100+ systems)
Number of Escalation Paths
Windows Active Directory Configuration
Specific Vulnerabilities and Security Misconfigurations
Additional Software installations
Industry specific simulated users and data
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